Face Painting is a Platform to Leave Positive Impressions on Kids

I had an epiphany that has been brewing in my mind, better yet, in my heart, since I started painting about 5 years ago! What I realized is that face painting is simply a platform to leave impressions on children!

It hit me when I was face painting at a public event, but there have been many other stories I could tell too. There were tons of people at this event and even with three face painters, we had a long line all day long!  It’s easy for me to keep my energy up at events like this because not only is there adrenaline from knowing we have excited, anticipating children waiting to be painted as their favorite animal or character, but my spirit is being filled with happiness and love with every interaction- especially when the children look in the mirror for the first time! And Adults too! I usually get an excited hug from happy adults that don’t normally get to feel that rush of being a child again!  It’s like experiencing a euphoric moment every time! When people ask me what I do for a living, my reply is always, “I make kids smile on the weekends!” haha. I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for finding my passion in painting faces and getting to do this for a living!

So what made me realize that face painting allows me to leave lasting impressions with children was because of an interaction I had with an adorable little girl. She sat in my chair and when I asked her in the sweet, curious voice I use with young kids, what she would like, she said she wanted to be a kitty cat. I told her with a big smile on my face, I love painting my kitty design and reached for the 1 inch flat brush with the metallic blue, pink and white colors on it. Before I could start, she said, “A cute one.” It made me laugh at how adorable she was and I quickly responded with a confident giggle and a wink, “well, of course! All of my designs are cute!” Then without hesitation, she told me that she loved my rainbow sequin table cloth and that it reminded her of my personality and that I made her feel really happy.” It melted my heart so much and you should have seen the twinkle in her eyes. The way she was looking at me with so much love and adoration but also with the innocence and honesty that comes so easily to kids. I giggled, blushed, and thanked her for such a sweet compliment and used her recognition in me to inspire her to be the same way.

Wow, and now that I am writing this, I am realizing just how much children make impressions on me! – Cynnamon Simonson, Owner of Memorable Event Entertainment and Bay Area Party Entertainment.

Memorable Event Entertainment offers so many more services than just face painting but we pride ourselves in not only curating a team of talented entertainers, but a team of face painters, balloon twisters, clowns, characters, caricature artists and jugglers that genuinely enjoy working with kids and using their time with the children to leave positive lasting impressions on them!

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