Face Painting Adorable Kids in Colton, Ca

Face Painting by Cynnamon Colton, caA few weeks ago I happened to have a free Sunday and had a few face painting designs I wanted to practice so I called a friend of mine that has 4 adorable children that live in Colton, Ca and asked if they would like to be my models. They were so excited and we got some great photos from our face painting session! I painted a monster face which is popular for boys above about 8 years old because if they are going to get their faces painted at that age, they always seem to want to be scary. Then I face painted one of the younger boys with a tiger face and he immediately transformed into a roaring tiger that didn’t want to move from the mirror for even one second. It was the cutest thing and even though he wiped his nose and messed up the design on his lips, he still looked darling. I then painted their sister with a very pretty girlyPretty princess face paint, Colton, Ca
design that could be considered a princess face paint design. Whenever I paint girls that want to be painted as princesses, I always tell them how magical I am going to make them look and I allow my excitement to infect theirs. It’s so cute how excited they get as I put glitter, blush and paint on lipstick to match their designs and you will Mario Bros face paint, Colton never believe how much their spirit lights up when they look in the mirror for the first time. That is why me and my team of face painters do what we do! The reward of painting a live canvas that can show us and tell us how much they love our artwork is indescribable. It’s very fulfilling to paint a child into their favorite character or animal! The joy that face painting brings children and adults is a beautiful thing!

If you are interested in booking a face painter for your next party or event to see this magic happen for yourself, visit our website at http://www.MemorableEventEntertainment.com or call 888-750-7024


Tiger face paint, Colton, Ca

Mario Bros face paint, Colton, Ca

Monster face paint, Colton, Ca

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